Delivery Information

If you have any questions about shopping online with Essential Oil Techniques, you may be able to find the answer below. If you should still have any more queries that have not been included in the Help System please click on the 'Contacting Us' link below.

1) When I am satisfied with my order proceed to checkout

Below are the following options to pay for the order:

  1. Pay via Visa or Mastercard
  2. Select PayPal at the bottom of the checkout and pay via PayPal.

2) How are the shipping costs calculated?

All shipping is done via Canada Post. They calculate shipping cost by weight and volume.

3) How long will an order take to ship.

Normally orders will ship the next business day.

4) Who should I call for customer service

For customer service call (604) 220-6858 between 9am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time or email,